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Little old me

I’m quite nice really…

Hello. I'm Simon...

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Over the years Simon has worked for a great many of my clients in creative design and marketing strategy, always with highly successful outcomes. He has a natural ability to be creative and is always thinking outside the box to innovate, rather than go with the easy option! He is able to challenge a client's thinking, allowing them to explore opportunities they might not otherwise consider and my clients have nothing but praise for him. It's a pleasure to work with Simon on a project because he frequently finds an angle nobody else has thought of! I would highly recommend Simon as a creative and innovative designer who will always surprise you.

Clive Wilson
Clearway Services

I work with creative agencies all the time and some have ideas, and some deliver, but rarely both efficiently. Simon and his team are just about the best i've ever known at coming up with superb ideas, throughly researching them and improving their potential, and then delivering the results. Very proactive. A clever and interesting man and a pleasure to work with. If you need a complicated media event delivered stress free - this is your man!

David Gamage
Earth Island Publishing

Simon Kelly worked closely with our company to get under the skin and really understand what we were all about before embarking on what was a very successful marketing campaign for us. I would recommend working with Simon to anyone who wants to reach a target audience and is looking for someone with new creative ideas - a breath of fresh air.

Zana Gradus
Systems Technology SE Ltd

As a photographer I always look forward to working on one of Simons projects, he brings a wealth of creative ideas with him and clear and decisive brief. The Finished product is always eyecatching and Fresh. I am proud to be associated with his work and its a pleasure to recommend him.

Alan Bond
Alan Bond Photography

Simon is very knowledgeable and his attention to detail is second to none. Simon is extremely trustworthy and takes pride in his work. He is happy to make suggestions to the client and always implements the most cost effective way of achieving the client's desired goal.

Kate Cowlard
Kingsmead Physiotherapy

Working with Simon over the last few years has been great. He istruly passionate about creative and he has never failed to deliverfantastic concepts, within our agreed budget - and always with asmile. Simon always going that extra mile to ensure the projectgoes as smoothly as possible.

Michelle Nicholas
Canon (UK)
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